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Jyotsna Dhawan

Emeritus Scientist
Email: jdhawan@ccmb.res.in
Phone: +91-040-27192573

Research Interests

Understanding the quiescence program and its benefits for stem cell function.Most cells in adult tissues have permanently ceased proliferation. However, stem cells in regenerating tissues must attain and maintain a temporary state of quiescence so that a reserve pool is available for future unpredictable bouts of repair. The programs that control the cell cycle and differentiation are coordinated to ensure the correct balance of stem cells and differentiated cells in regenerating tissue, but the mechanisms that direct cells into reversible vs. irreversible arrest are poorly understood.

Selected Publications

Sachidanandan, C., Ramkumar, S. and Dhawan, J. (2002) Tristetraprolin and LPS-inducible CXC chemokine are transiently induced in presumptive satellite cells in response to skeletal muscle injury. J. Cell. Sci. 115 (13) 2701-2712.

Dhawan, J. and Helfman, D.M. (2004) Modulation of acto-myosin contractility in skeletal muscle myoblasts uncouples growth arrest from differentiation J Cell Sci 117: 3735-3748.

Dhawan, J. and Rando, T.A. (2005). Stem Cells in Postnatal Myogenesis: Molecular Mechanisms of Satellite Cell Quiescence, Activation and Replenishment. Trends Cell Biol. 15:666-676.

Sebastian, S., Sreenivas, P., Ramkumar, S., Prashanth, K., Cheedipudi,S., Pavlath G.K. and Dhawan, J. (2009). MLL5, a trithorax homolog, indirectly regulates H3K4 methylation, represses Cyclin A2, expression, and promotes myogenic differentiation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 106: 4719-4724.

Sambasivan, R., Cheedipudi, S., Pasupuleti, N., Saleh, A., Pavlath, G.K. and Dhawan, J. (2009). The small chromatin protein p8/Nupr1 co-ordinates anti-proliferative and pro-myogenic proteins targeting the Myogenin promoter J. Cell Sci. 122: 348.

Education & Experience


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Jyotsna Dhawan-Img

Jyotsna Dhawan

Emeritus Scientist



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Puja Singh

DST-Inspire Faculty


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Lamuk Zaveri

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Sujoy Deb

Senior Research Fellow



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Debrya Saha

Senior Research Fellow


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Swetha S

Junior Research Fellow


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Priti A S

Junior Research Fellow


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Ananga Ghosh

Project Assistant-II